An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. ― Andrew Hunt

Quick Bio

I grew up as a child of the 90s in the small city of Portland, Maine. It was there I developed an intense curiosity about the world and a love of the great outdoors. I remember being around seven years old, watching my uncle type some text into the Windows Command Prompt and being completely mesmerized. That of course was followed by the screeching of a dial-up modem.

Computing has fascinated me since. While I decided to study English in college, a love of computing has always been there. I just never quite knew how to express it.

In late 2019, I discovered the joy of programming. The idea that I could create almost anything I could imagine given the proper tools and knowledge was incredibly compelling. I have since taught myself programming through the vehicle of web development using a free and open source curriculum called The Odin Project.

The greatest value The Odin Project has given me is the ability to problem solve on my own–to break down problems into small chunks–but also to know when to ask for help. That, along with an increased capacity for patience, is what gives me the space to grow as a developer.


I love music just as much as software development. I have played guitar since the 6th grade and recently taught myself bass. My other interests are running, hiking, and photography.

Technology of Choice

  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Git
  • RSpec

Picture Knife Edge trail of Mount Katahdin, Maine.